Marketing that Resonates

Palomar brings the professionalism of large company marketing to smaller companies, providing marketing and communication tools that help them make a powerful impact in the market and acquire new customers. In today’s mobile, always-on world, companies need simple, clear messaging to make an impact, and they need to convey that messaging in every communication vehicle, from website to social media to video to advertising. With flexible, scalable teams of experts in the key marketing disciplines, Palomar delivers high-quality work and measurable results. Our focus is in three areas:

Our expertise in B2B business, technology, and finance enables us to support clients in marketing complex stories to hard-to-reach customers. We are focused on results and making a difference for our clients.

Content Creation

In the digital world, content rules. A company’s marketing is only as good as its ability to generate attractive, thought-provoking content. Everything from web search rankings to thought leadership to media coverage depends on content creation. At Palomar, we create fresh content for clients. Our team of writers, bloggers, and social media experts leverage that content on multiple target platforms, building brand awareness and lead generation programs quickly and effectively. Branding and website design are closely related to content creation. We help companies build their brand by establishing powerful brand messaging. We build websites based on brand identity, messaging, and target audiences. Our designers create the look and feel to seize the viewer’s imagination and maximize usability and interaction.



Video Production

Video should showcase conviction, sincerity, visual explanatory power and you-are-there verisimilitude. At Palomar, we have more than 20 years experience working with television and video. We help clients create a story that works on video, using techniques like 3D graphics, live-action footage, product and technology animation, and customer interviews as well as innovative camera techniques to create an impactful and memorable viewer experience. Then we leverage social media to maximize every opportunity for customers to watch the videos. Learn more about our video productions here. Enjoy some of our videos here or contact us to learn more.



Fundraising Support

Palomar provides strategic support to entrepreneurs and startups seeking to raise funding in Silicon Valley or elsewhere. VCs and angels are funding hundreds of startups a year, but it takes more than a good idea to win funding. We help entrepreneurs build all the ingredients for a compelling investment proposition. But we do much more than polish up a presentation–we help clients perfect key elements of their plan like a viable business model and credible financial forecasts. We help entrepreneurs turn ideas into compelling proposals. Then our Silicon Valley relationships help clients make connections and get to the right people.